May 12, 2021

Work in Canada without A work Permit

Work in Canada without A work Permit – To live or start work in Canada as a foreign national, you need to have a temporary working permit issued to you by the Canadian government. Also you might be required to have a positive labor market impact assessment which is sometimes difficult to acquire as an immigrant.

Canada owns one of the best economies in the world. Its economy is a multi-trillion dollar economy and its very attractive to both local and foreign investors. Due to the welcoming nature of the Canadian economy and government, a lot of foreign nationals have shown interest in moving to Canada. A large number of these immigrants comes from Africa and Asia.

Canada is the first country in the world to accept multiculturalism as an official policy under the leadership of Pierre Elliot in the year 1971.

However, it’s well-known that working in Canada without a legal work permit isn’t allowed and can get you into trouble as an immigrant. You might be suspended from travelling to Canada in future and in some cases, the penalty might be even worse. But there are still some exemptions to this and that is what we will be discussing below.

There are few legal works you can perform in Canada without a work permit or labor marker impact assessment. You stay in Canada will be protected provided you remain under the policy provided by the Canadian authorities. Nevertheless, you must have a temporary resident to be considered for a stay in Canada for any period of time.

If your line of duty or work description falls under the below categories, then you are exempted from having a work permit in Canada.

  • Performing Artist : This include situations where you are part of a circus, or you are a guest speaker for a show in Canada, you were invited to perform in an event, you are part of a cultural or traditional band performing at a private restaurant or bar etc.
  • Farm worker: This is a common situation which allows immigrants work at non-commercial farms on voluntary basis without any remuneration.
  • Emergency service:  if you are a doctor, appraisers, part of a medical team or maybe a foreign insurance adjuster working in Canada due to an emergency situation, then you don’t need a work permit.

Other Job/services that do not need a working permit In Canada includes:

  • Clergy
  • Public speaker
  • Military personnel
  • Convention organizers
  • Crew
  • Judges
  • Referees
  • News or media reporter
  •  Athletes
  • Health care students
  • Foreign government official etc.

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