April 20, 2021

Why Should You Consider Moving To Canada In 2021? [Find Out]

There are so many positive reasons why anyone should be considering moving to Canada and in case you find yourself in such situation, where you are confused about your immigration decision, we have decided to put out this article to guide you on some of the benefits of moving to Canada, and why you should start your immigration processing today.

Canada is one of the top countries in the world and its the home for anyone who is interested in starting a new life in a secured environment. If you are considering moving to a new country, here are some reasons why you should be considering immigrating to Canada ahead of any other country.

9 Reasons Why You Should Immigrate To Canada In 2021

Here are some good reasons why moving to Canada should be a priority in 2021:

Canada is a top world Country: Incase you aren’t aware, Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of land mass (10m Km sqr), with a population of approximately thirty seven million people. Recall that there are states in the united states such as California with a population of over 39.5 million active people, but this population is estimated to fit into Canadas land mass twenty four times. This should give you an idea of how much space is available to be filled in Canada and why you still have a better opportunity to start a new life in Canada.

Free HealthCare System: One major reason everyone loves to immigrate to Canada is because of the structure of the healthcare system in place in Canada. The Canadian economy is designed in such a way that most of the funding goes to the healthcare sector. Also the healthcare is free and available to all. Canada believes healthcare should be a basic human right and they have the right population to back this up.

Canada is a home for all: The current immigration policy in Canada is making Canada what America was in the first half of the previous century, providing hope for a better future. With the vast majority of the Canadian population been Irish, English, Scottish and French descent. Currently, 20% of the Canadian population are foreigners and the government is planning on increasing this to 50% in the year 2030. This year, Canada plans to welcome over 400,000 permanent resident. Will you be one of them?

Top Economy: After the year 2020 pandemic, a lot of countries were badly affected with economic drawdown. But as we all know, all that matters is how fast you can get back on your feet after you fall. The biggest improvement in the Canadian economy is the decrease in unemployment rate from 9.1% – 8% from February – March 2021. During the heat of the pandemic last year, the unemployment rate stood at 13% making it slightly difficult for people to cope. Currently, there are lots of job opportunities been created again and one of the best ways of getting into Canada is by applying for an in-demand job opportunity.

Canada has a beautiful environment: One of the major advantages of having a low population compared to land mass is that majority of the country side will be able to sustain its natural beauty. Majority of the Canadas population reside around the border next to America, leaving a lot of explorable spaces in the north for a new life.

Looking at the waterside of the country, 20% of the worlds fresh water lake is in Canada. Statistical records show that there are over two million lakes in Canada, 563 of which are larger than hundred square kilometer.

Cold Weather in Canada: During the winter season, the average temperature in Canada goes down below zero degrees. This temperature is similar in all states in Canada no matter your location. In other to curtail such temperature and to ensure comfort, there is usually a central heating system installed everywhere and in everything e.g. in homes, cars, offices and schools. Also you can get yourself prepared by getting yourself thick gloves, coats and boots.

Top Educational System: Canada is known to have one of the best educational system in the world. It is the home of most of the top ranking and well-known prestigious universities. There are lots of scholarships and award programs designed by private and government bodies, aimed at helping international and local students attain the best education in Canada.

Canada Has Good People: Canadians are known to be good and loving people. That is why there is little to no crime records in Canada. Another fascinating thing about Canadians is their manner of approach and how they react to events. Canadians love to say sorry at the slightest mistake and also love to make friends.

Good governance: The government in Canada is one of the best you can find in the world. There is extremely low corruption, high selflessness and integrity amongst the government officials. Citizens often receive major support from the government in terms of security, social amenities, quality education etc.

Final Verdict

We are fully convinced you should have more than enough reasons to immigrate to Canada after going through this article. There are also more than enough opportunities for you to explore in Canada and Canada is ready to accept you. If you are very hard working with a good skill, and you want to start a new life in a location where your security is guaranteed, we highly recommend you consider moving to Canada.

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