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What You Must Know About Living In UK

Living In UK – This article is specifically designed for those interested in migrating to UK soon. We decided to cover different aspects of life in UK to help you understand better about important aspects of living in UK.

In as much as there are a reasonable amount of people interested in immigrating to UK, you might be tempted to join the list. But have you pondered about the live and culture in UK and if it really fits your needs? Well! We will be dividing life in UK into smaller categories shown below

  • Living and Accommodation In UK
  • Driving In UK
  • Setting Up a Bank Account In UK
  • Education In UK

Living And Accommodation UK

For this category, we will have to divide this into 4 sub category questions which includes:

  • Is UK a good place to live?

According to the better life index, UK have been described as one of the best place in the world to live in. This also includes where to work and start a new life.

  • Is living in UK Expensive?

When compared to other countries like united states, the living cost in UK is found to be 12% lower. You will need at least $6,215.20 to finance and live a modest life in London compared to New York where you need at least $8200

  • How much do You Need to Live in UK?

As a student planning or living in UK, you will need at least 240 pounds to finance your weekly expenses. Depending on your choice of lifestyle you can decide to leave above that cost.

  • What is the worst and dangerous City In UK?

According to recent research studies, the city of saint Peterborough have been found to be one of the worst places to live in United kingdom.

Driving in the UK

If you recently move into Britain with your driving license from your home country, you will be given a year to get a British one. But during this period, you will be allowed to drive with your foreign driver’s license. You will be expected to take a test before you will be issued a British driver’s license and this test can be stringent sometimes.  

Setting Up A Bank Account

Getting a bank account in UK can be very difficult compared to other Tier 1 countries. You will be expected to provide documents such as proof of address and identity verification. This can be difficult to get when you haven’t secured a permanent residence. But do not worry. Some UK banks are willing to help you get passed this.

Education in the UK

Education in UK is ranked as one of the best when compared with other countries of the world. In UK, there are public schools, private schools, regular private schools, state schools, faith schools and academies. Based on cost and expenses, it’s cheaper to school in a public school than a private school.

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