May 12, 2021

What You Must Know About Immigration Lawyers In Canada

What You Must Know About Immigration Lawyers In Canada – As an immigrant interested in moving to Canada, its highly recommended you seek the help of an immigration lawyer. There are lots of issues that comes with visa and immigration processing but with the help of an immigration lawyer you will be able to navigate through this issues with ease. During your immigration process, you are likely going to come across lots of questions which you might not have answers to. Situations as this are very crucial and can hinder your application success. But with the help of an immigration lawyer you should be able to sort them out easily. With the help of this article, we will be giving out some important information you need to know about immigrations lawyers and how to go about them.

Who is an immigration Lawyer?

Immigration lawyers are lawyers charged with the responsibility of helping clients/immigrants with the legal steps needed to help them immigrate to Canada successfully. They are fully aware of all the legal documents, procedures and immigration laws needed for a successful immigration and they are willing to help anyone get to their final destination.

An immigration lawyer can easily understand and identify key reasons why you immigration application to Canada might not be successful and can also help you with important information on a different route/decision you should make. Immigration lawyers can also assist clients that require skilled employees to help them fill up labor shortages in Canada.

Immigration lawyers can also help you understand some of the important steps needed to sponsor a loved one whether they are eligible for a permanent resident permit or not. They also give advises on the required steps needed to get a permanent resident permit, work permit, visa, study permit etc.

Most qualified and experienced immigration lawyers have relationships with government departments in the cross-border process, which also includes, immigration refugee, provincial department, service Canada and the Canada border service.

Immigration lawyers play major roles in areas such as:

  • Sponsorship applications
  • PR Card
  • Scholarship applications
  • Immigration to canada
  • Express Entry
  • Student permit/ Study permit
  • Work Permit
  • Student Visa
  • PNP
  • Immigration test

There are lots of immigration lawyers in Canada and outside Canada that can easily assist you with all your immigration issues and they are very affordable for anyone interested in getting their assistance.

Immigrations Lawyers In Canada

Benefit of an Immigration Lawyer In Canada

Some important benefit of working with and immigration lawyer includes and not limited to:

  • An immigration lawyer can serve as a representative in an event where you have a court case concerning the immigration process.
  • The effort of an immigration lawyer will save you enough time and excess money wastage.
  • They have more knowledge about the immigration process and this can improve your chances of success during the immigration process.
  • They will be helping you with any argument and appeal related to your case and also help you avoid any form of errors during the visa application process.
  • They serve as a mediator between the immigrant and the immigration authorities.
  • They can help plead on your behalf on any issue relation to immigration and deportation.

Interested in Hiring an Immigration Lawyer In Canada?

ItemsPrivate FirmsGovernment Fess
Consultation time (15, 30, or 60 minutes) fee$76 – $360USD
Lawyer’s Hourly Rate fee$155 – $305USD
Form Filling Assistance fee$255 – $1100USD
Permanent Residency Assistance$1100 – $5100USD
USCIS or IRCC Fees$450 – $850 USD
Sponsorship$5,600 + $600 per dependent$1,150 for spouse, $150 per child
Spousal Appeal at IAD fee$8,500 – $11,000N/A
Residency Appeal at IAD fee$8,500 – $11,000N/A
Judicial Review / Federal Court fee$5,000 / $11,000N/A
Procedural Fairness Letter Response$3,500 to $5,500N/A
Reconsideration Request fee$3,500N/A
Criminal Rehabilitation$4,000 + $600 per additional offence$300 (regular), $1,500 (a very serious criminality offense)
Temporary Resident Permit$4,000 + $600 per additional offence$300
H&C Application$6,500 + $500 per dependent$1,050 per adult, $150 per child
Express Entry$5,500 + $500 per dependent$1,325 per adult, $225 per child
PNP$5,000($0 – $1,500) as PNP fee varies
tourist visa$3,000 + $500 per dependent$100 per person, +$85 per person (if there is biometrics requirement)
TRV + ATIP $3,500 + $500 per dependent$100 per person, +$85 per person (if there is biometrics requirement)
Student Visa$3,000 + $500 per dependent$150 fee, $100 per dependent, +$85 per person (if there is biometrics requirement)
post-graduate work permit$3,000$255 fee, +$85 per person(if there is biometrics requirement)
Super Visa $3,500 / $4,000$110 per person, +$95 per person
LMIA$7,500$1,500 per position
LMIA-Exempt Work Permit )$4,500$160 fee and also plus $250 compliance fee
Deferral Request to CBSA$4,100N/A
PR Card renewal$4,400$60
Citizenship application$4,500$770

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