UK Visa Application

Important Information On UK Visa Application

UK Visa Application – Seeking for immigration to UK above a period of 6 months requires you to have a visa even if you are coming from a common wealth country such as New Zealand and Australia. Americans also need a visa too but if you are coming from an European country, you do not need a visa.

The process of applying for a UK visa can be very complex and frustrating if you do not comply with the guidelines. The first step towards getting approved for a UK visa is understanding what you intend doing when you get to UK. This will guide you on the type of visa to apply for. For example, if you intend schooling in UK as a foreign national, you should be seeking for a student visa. If you intend Visiting UK for short period of time, then you need a temporary visitor visa. There are also other types of visa programs, and we will be explaining them using this article.

In the past 6 years, the visa type programs were abolished by the UK government before introducing a new system known as the point system for UK visas.

The Points System:

In each of the tiers, the applicant seeking immigration to UK needs to have a sufficient number of points in other to gain entry clearance to increase their stay duration in UK.

Grading the tiers are quite different for different tiers. For example, Tier 1 and 2 are graded on a point systems which is based on their age, ability, experience and ability to get points by being able to work in areas where there are limited work force.

The tier 4 are graded on three different areas. Applicants must have a valid confirmation or offer of study from a reputable university in UK, must be proficient in English language and must also have enough money to take care of your expenses in UK.

The tier 5 is divided into six different smaller categories which includes, creative and sporting, government authorized exchange, international agreement, religious workers and mobility scheme.  If you intend applying using any of the first five categories, you will be awarded point systems for having a sponsor and also a valid certificate of sponsorship.

Tier 1 visas

The tier 1 visa program is designed for people with exceptional talent, entrepreneurs or investors willing to impact the UK economy in a positive way.

The tier 1 visas consist of:

Entrepreneur visa:  This visa is designed for entrepreneurs willing to start a business in UK, you must have at least 50,000 pounds to be considered for this visa program. You can also switch the visa to a different one when you get to UK.

Exceptional Talent:  This visa is designed for foreign nationals that are considered as experts in a particular field. This visa also allows such person to move in with their family.

Graduate Entrepreneur Visa: This visa is designed for people with workable business idea. You will be needing some certain documents to be considered for this visa and you can also switch it to a different visa when you get to UK.

Investor Visa:  This visa is designed for people who have at least one million pounds or more to invest in UK.

Tier 2 Visas

This visa is designed for skilled foreign nationals with job offers in UK. To be considered for this visa, you must have applied and successfully gotten a job offer from an employer resident in UK. Other people considered for this visa include airport based staffs, student union sabbatical staffs, researchers etc.

Tier 3 Visas

This visa program is designed for low-skilled foreign nationals willing to fill up vacant job spaces in UK. Currently this program is suspended by the UK government

Tier 4 Visas

This visa is designed for students. To successfully qualify for this visa, you need to have a valid admission offer from a reputable university or educational institution in UK, good health report, sufficient amount of money to cater for all your expenses.

Tier 5 Visas

This visa is limited for only 12 months. You will be needing at least 30 points to qualify for the this visa program. see the points system calculator to find out more.

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