May 12, 2021

Types of Canada Visa You Can Apply For As A Foreign National

Types of Canada Visa – Despite the fact that Canada is in need of immigrants from different countries, getting a Canada visa can be challenging and difficult sometimes. But most times the issue lies within your qualification for the type of visa or permit you are seeking for. Different Canadian visas come with different requirements. For example, applying for a student visa is quite different from applying for a visitor’s visa or permanent resident permit. Each of this visa programs have a set aside rules and requirements which you must meet up with to be qualified. So if you intend going to Canada for short visitation or tourism, you have no business seeking for a study visa or work visa.

So the question lies in “What are your plans when you get to Canada?” What do you intend there? Do you want to work or study? Or you want to visit? Whatever the case might be, you can check out the below types of Canadian visas programs and their requirements.

Types of Canadian Visa You Can Apply For
Temporary Visa Program

The first type of visa program offered by the Canadian government is the temporary visa. This type of visa is designed for foreign nationals that intend to spend a limited or short period of time in Canada before moving back to their home country. So if you intend moving to Canada for a short research studies or visitation, then this is the right choice for you.

Student Visa Program

This program is designed for students interested in completing their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Canada. This program also allows you to seek for work permit after the completion of your studies in Canada. Before applying for this visa, ensure you have a valid admission offer from a reputable university in Canada and also ensure you have sufficient funds to meet up with your expenses in Canada.

Visitor Visa Program

This program is designed for foreign individuals interested in visiting Canada for a short time. There are some specified requirements you need to meet up with. This will convince the immigration officer that you will be returning back to your home country at the due date.

Work Permit Program

This program is designed for those interested in working in Canada. To work in Canada as a foreign national, you will need to have a valid job offer from an employee in Canada, and also you will be needing a temporary or permanent resident permit. But you don’t have to worry. If you have a skilled labor force, you can apply for jobs in Canada and get employed. Canada has jobs and they are willing to employ brilliant minds to work for them in other to boost their economy.

Business Class Immigration Program

The business class immigration program is divided into three smaller categories which includes Quebec, Federal and other provincial nomination programs. But all have the same motive and end result. For example, for permanent residence in Canada, you will need have at least a network of $300,000 CAD to apply.


Federal Skilled Worker Visa

As a foreign national interested in getting a permanent residence in Canada, you can apply for the federal skilled worker program from inside or outside Canada. You qualification depends on a point system which is considered based on different factors such as work experience, your knowledge of English and French. So in other to qualify for the federal skilled workers visa program, you need to have at least 67 or above points and at least one year or work experience.

Canadian Experience Class Visa

The Canadian experience class visa program is a program designed by the Canadian government to allow foreign nationals who are already in Canada on temporary work permit apply for permanent resident permit. This program is only for those with skilled work experience and must have been in Canada for at least one year with the necessary English and French requirements.

Provincial Nomination Program

This visa program is designed for low skilled professionals that are interested in working in Canada. In a situation where you weren’t able to secure a permanent resident visa using the skilled work visa program, you can go for this program which gives almost similar opportunity. Please understand that you will be assigned to a particular province in Canada that is in need of your skill/work force. Before applying, you will be expected to have a provincial nomination certificate from any Canadian province.

Family-Sponsorship Program

This program is designed to help successful permanent residents bring in their family to Canada. You can start processing this program for your family and loves ones after you must have secured a permanent resident visa in Canada. This will also allow your family stay, study and work in Canada.




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