Things My Mum Told Me Few Hours Before She Died – MC Oluomo Opens Up




Few weeks ago, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Lagos branch’s boss, Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya, fondly called “MC Oluomo” lost his 87 years old mother, Alhaja Sinat Abebi Akinsanya.

Mc Oluomo
Mc Oluomo

Though the late Mama Agege as she was fondly called may be dead and buried, but there is, no doubt, that MC Oluomo has lost an irreplaceable gift, which God bestowed him on him. Those who saw him after his mum’s death and preparation for her Janazal revealed that MC Oluomo couldn’t hold back tears as her mum was finally committed to mother earth.

City People learnt that MC Oluomo’s mum played major roles in his life and she shared a very strong bond with all her 4 children. They are Alhaja Adunni, Alhaji Yaya Akinsanya, Alhaji MC Oluomo and the last born, Alhaji Muibi, will never forget their mum in a hurry.

Well, MC Oluomo’s mum, Alhaja Sinatu Abebi Omotooro Akinsanya, might have come and gone, but looking back at the kind of life she had the grace of living, one could say it was a life well spent. Those who knew Alhaja Sinat also testified that Mama died a fulfilled and happy mother.

How strong was the bond that MC Oluomo shared with his Mum. Let’s gist you about one which was made public a few years ago.

Sometimes in 2013, when Alhaja Sinat clocked 80 years, the whole of Lagos stood still as MC Oluomo celebrated her mum with pomp and circumstance. Then, MC Oluomo was the treasurer of NURTW Lagos State, while also controlling all the motor parks at Oshodi.

Many celebrities scrambled to get the Ankara, which was spotted by over, 2,000 celebrities. The party was held at blue roof inside Lateef Jakande Ground, LTV.

The 80th birthday party for his mum was talk of the town. It played host to an array of political big wigs. Don’t forget that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a godfather to MC.

K1 was booked as the main artiste for the day, while Pasuma was given the responsibility of being the Master of Ceremonies (MC).

The highest point of the party was when MC Oluomo presented a multi-millionaire brand new Range Rover SUV to his mum, Alhaja Sinat Akinsanya. Mama couldn’t hold back her tears.

One of our sources, who doesn’t want his name mentioned, also revealed that MC Oluomo didn’t joke with her mum. He said that there was nowhere in the world that MC didn’t speak with her mum for a day. It was a matter of policy. His mum also made sure she called daily to pray for him, he revealed.

How then did MC Oluomo receive the news of her mum’s death? Did he see it coming? Any premonition and all. According to MC Oluomo during the courtesy visit of Sheik “Baba Loshodi”, a popular Muslim Sheik, he explained that he got to know about the late “Baba Lososhodi” through his mum. He said Baba Loshodi never collected a dime from, him, but always prayed for him. He said he couldn’t forget the late Sheik in a hurry.

Speaking on his mother’s death, MC Oluomo revealed that his mum’s death came to him as a rude shock. In his words: “ I never saw it coming that my mum would leave so soon. Most especially because she wasn’t sick at all. I remember the day vividly that my mum chatted with me for many hours before she died. We have finished eating “Sahur” in her house during the lockdown and she told me about her life history. How she grew up. She also told me everything about my dad. All the things she told me were strange to me as she had never told me anything like that before. She explained that I should never be tired of giving that I took that after she and I told her: “Maami, I have an appointment, with the governor by 10 a.m. I can’t afford to be late”. We discussed till a few minutes to 6 and she said okay, let’s us go and pray. She went to her room to pray, while I went to mine. After praying, I checked her through my phone as I have a device that I could use to monitor my mum wherever she might be. There was no day I didn’t see my mum before her death. She was always at home praying most of the time.

So, I checked my phone and I saw that she was praying. I said let me rest a little before going to see her when I would be leaving in the morning. I believed I dozed off for a few minutes, then I checked on her again. At that point, she was sitting at the tip of her bed praying, then she slept. I was like, why was Mama sleeping like that?

Why was she not sleeping well. So, I said let me prepared for my appointment. Then while checking on her again, I saw that one of her closest aides, who is a family member was checking on her, holding her head. In my mind, I asked why was she acting like that? I saw that she was crying on my phone then I ran there to see Mama. My question to her was “kilose Mama”, and she replied Mama ti ku”. I checked and I was like “Mama was gone”. I couldn’t hold back tears, but I learnt a lesson.

What lesson if you ask? I learnt that we should never postpone whatever we have in mind to do. We must appreciate our parents while they are alive. My greatest regret in Life would have been that I didn’t bring my mum to the new house I bought for her before her demise. The house where she was buried was built for her and it was ready during the Covid-19. Even when people said I should let her stay at her old house till, after the Covid-19, I said ‘no’ she should be brought to the new house. I made sure I furnished the house to taste and did everything that would make her wake up happy every day. What if I didn’t do that during the lockdown? Everything in the house was bought new. I just wanted her to be happy. What if I didn’t do that, for her before her death. I would have felt bad he revealed.