July 30, 2021

Apply for Regina Undergraduate Student solidarity scholarship in Canada

There are open scholarship applications available for undergraduate students interested in applying for a scholarship to study in Canada. This Canada scholarship is sponsored by the University of Regina and its funding is only available for the 2021/2022 student academic session.

This scholarship is designed for innovative and brilliant international students that are interested in starting their undergraduate bachelor degree program in Canada. 

Brief history about the University of Regina

The University of Regina was first setup in the year 1974 and it offers different programs available to interested students. Students will be exposed to different programs that are available in ten faculties at the diploma, certificate and degree levels.

You might be wondering why you should choose the university of Regina scholarship over the others. There are lots of difference and expectations you will be getting from this university and one of them includes aside enjoying the educational life and prospering in your career, you will be exposed to different resources that will help in your personal and career advancement. Students from this university are expected to perform better in the outside world due to the rich information they will be exposed to while in the university environment.

Scholarship application deadline: August 1st 2021

Scholarship Description

Some important information about this scholarship includes:

  • Scholarship sponsoring institution: university of Regina
  • Departments available for the Scholarship: Not specified
  • Degree level needed: Undergraduate level
  • Scholarship value: $2000
  • Number of available scholarship positions: not specified
  • Method of application: through the official school portal
  • Nationality needed: International students. (no specific nationality specified )

Scholarship eligibility

To be eligible for this scholarship, please ensure you certify the below requirements

  • You are from a nationality allowed to immigrate to Canada
  • Your choice of course is offered  by the university of Regina
  • You will be given admission opportunity and will be allowed to study in Canada using a study permit

Scholarship application method

  • As an international student interested in this program, you must be registered in the bachelor’s degree coursework at the University of Regina.
  • You will be expected to provide the following documents; a high school transcript, general school certificate from your secondary school, passport. All should be mailed to international.admissions-at-uregina.ca
  • You will be expected to be in possession of your previous degree certificate.
  • You will be expected to meet with the English language requirement specified by the university

Grants offered by the University of Regina

  • Fresh students interested in enrolling for the winter/spring/summer 2021 term, will get the sum of one thousand dollars tuition credit.
  • Fresh students that are interested in enrolling for both the winter and summer 2021 term will receive the sum of two thousand Canadian dollars credit.
  • Students that are interested in enrolling for the summer 2021 or for both the summer and winter 2021 terms will get a credit worth of $2000 for the on-campus housing rent and for the winter 2022 terms.

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