Between nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri and a man who ‘wants to break her marriage’




Popular Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri has replied a fan who she thinks wants to break her marriage.

One obvious price to pay for being a celebrity is that people especially fans would always intrude into your personal life and Ruth is obviously not willing to give in.

Ruth Kadiri is a well known Nollywood actress who is also happily married with a kid.

It is so obvious that she added in her body size after giving birth to her baby.

Ruth Kadiri posted a video on her Instagram handle advertising a wig but one of her fans whom according to his bio owns a gym center, admired the hair and asked that he would like to take her to his gym.

He wrote; “I love your hair but I would like to take you to my gym workout”

Ruth was irritated by the young man’s comment asking to take her to his gym, so she replied;

“are you my husband or you want to break my marriage, oga take your woman to the gym and leave me alone”.

Ruth Kadiri was born on March 24, 1988, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. She studied mass communication at the University of Lagos and business administration at Yaba College of Technology.