May 13, 2021

How To Get An Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence Canada (ITA)

Permanent Residence Canada – Having a permanent resident permit in Canada requires invitation for those interested in moving to Canada and residing there permanently. An invitation to apply which is also known as ITA, is an invitation that allows only those who have submitted their profile to the Express entry unit, to apply for a permanent resident permit.

Those that have submitted their application and have been invited, can come along with their family members which includes their spouse and children.

Interested in getting an invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence? This is how.  

In other to successfully receive an invitation to apply, the interested candidate is expected to meet with all the eligible requirements for express entry program. The candidate profile will be accessed using the ranking system score. This system ranks each applicants using the below requirements:

  • Educational Level
  • Skills
  • Language Ability
  • Working experience
  • Accompanying family members

Only those with ranking scores that’s meets with the minimum requirements, will get the invitation. Please understand that each draw comes with a minimum requirement whether it’s PNP or express entry. Those with a good ranking score that appears higher than the minimum will also be getting an invitation.

What you should do after getting an ITA

After getting an ITA, you will be allowed to submit the remaining required documents in the next 60days. Since you are only allowed two months to submit the required documents, each interested and invited candidate is expected to start organizing the required documents before getting the ITA. Please note that missing the 60days of document submission will require you to restart the whole process again.

Required Documents for Permanent Residence Application

Only those with above the minimum ranking score will be invited and expected to submit the required documents for processing of permanent residence. Some of the required documents include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Valid passport
  • Language test result
  • Documentation validating your work experience
  • Clearance from the police
  • Upfront medical receipt
  • Photographs of the principal applicant and other accompanying family members

Some other PNP programs also require Additional Documents such as:

  • Letter of Attestation
  • Transcript of post-secondary education program
  • Secondary education documents
  • Proof of family relationships in Canada
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of settlement funds
  • Divorce or annulment cert
  • Death certificates
  • Child birth certificate
  • Adoption papers
  • Copies of work contracts
  • Income taxation reports

How to easily decline a permanent residence invitation

In some cases, some candidates might have reasons to decline an invitation. If that’s the case, such candidate will have their profile placed back into the express entry pool. Such candidate will also be considered for any future express entry invitations. But, please note that if someone declines an invitation, there is no guarantee that such person will receive another future invitation.

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