May 12, 2021

Tips For Building An International Real Estate Investment

Having an international real estate investment is really the best and one of the smartest areas to invest your money. In case you have been wondering where to invest and get high returns in future, the real estate sector is currently the booming sector and a lot of rich men are diving into this opportunities on a daily basis.

The major problems that comes with every real estate investment is the initial phase, which involves where to invest your money or real estate hotspots. Before making such critical investment decisions on real estates, you need to be aware of some certain factors and the major one is the economy of the country you are investing in and other government policies concerning real estate. Example of real estate’s hotspots are Canada, USA, Dubai, New York, and London.

Using this article, we will be explaining more about why investing in this hotspots is the best idea compared to other countries.

Hotspots For International Real Estate Investments

International Real Estate Investment in London

London have been considered as one of the best places and safe environment for real estates and other investments due to its continuous and long term bull market, strong government laws that enhances stability, limited landmass.

There have been a decrease in the population of landlords in London since the past 8years. Research Experts claims this is due to the tougher imposes taxes, increase in annual tax on enveloped dwellings, higher stamp duties and lower house price expectations.

However, the trend is currently bucking with the effect coming from prime central London boroughs. In the second half of 2017, it was reported that more than half of the properties that was sold at a higher end, was bought by foreign nationals present as investors. Cost of properties in areas like Belgravia are currently skyrocketing.  

In 2016, it was reported that Britain hit a higher high in foreign real estate investment. They were able to account for about 14% of the total global commercial properties which is second to the United States.

All over Britain, international and foreign investors have been attracted by the low interest rates and also the cheaper pound sterling which has dropped thirteen percent below the American dollar.

Cities such as Manchester have been reported to be one of the areas of interest due to the increase in the employment level and number of affordable properties.

International Real Estate Investment in New York

International real estate

You can decide to investigate the effect of Donald trump in the real state sector in United States most especially in New York. He is considered as the major player in New York’s real estate business. The policies he set aside have been able to create more advantage in Americans international relationships. Uncertain alliances and trade wars between other countries have been taking a major effect in the plummeting of international investment. Between the year 2018 and 2019 the figures dropped by about thirty one percent. Major buyers from countries like china, Italy, Russia and other parts of Middle East were forced to step back.

The number of Chinese investors have decreased, moving down to about 56% in 2018 compared to other previous years. All these where as a result of the decline in international relations and the increase in the difficult to move large sums of money from the united states to china.

Due to all these effects, there are now opportunities for other real estate e=investor interested in diving into this hotspot. Developers have been forced to draw down their prices and also offer some attractive incentives to attract customers.

 So there, we highly recommend looking into New York for profitable real estate investment due to the low prices.

International Real Estate Investment in Dubai

International real estate

During the time of financial crisis in United States in the year 2018, Most countries where affected including the United Arab Emirates.  This resulted to a little draw down in the thought of property investment in Dubai. But currently, Dubai is now the current hotspot for real estate investment opportunities. According to research reports, three quarter of the real estate’s investments in Dubai are from foreign investors.

Due to the growing economy in UAE, international investors present in Dubai enjoy affordable luxury properties and also a higher returns on their investments and this have been proposed to continue for several years.

The infrastructure present in Dubai is also another major factor influencing the attractiveness to investors. The city is providing almost all the needed social amenities to support life which also includes amenities such as hospitals, good roads, transport systems and schools. Additionally, the UAE has a low crime rate with a strong and effective policing system.

In dubai, there are properties available for every type of budget which is also making it attractive to investors. You will also be pleased to find out that the United Arab Emirates does not employ any property tax. But you will have to pay a monthly housing fee of about five percent of the property value.

Due to the fact that rental yields in Dubai is far more better than those gotten from other states like new York and London. This hotpots is highly recommended for those interested in investing in real estates.

Final Verdict

The three cities listed about are one of the best and highly recommended hotspots for real estate investments. With Dubai taking the top position, followed by London. Even though new York have always been number one since the past few years.

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