May 12, 2021

How I Went From Student to Permanent Resident Canada

 I arrived Canada from Syria in 2005 on a student visa with the high hopes of becoming a permanent resident one day. After I graduated from the university, I reached out to yeyebrity to help me secure a permanent resident application. They accepted my request and helped me secure a permanent resident. I also hope to secure citizenship one day and I will be working with them.

Name: tolani Hussein

Date of consultation:  March 2022

Turnaround: 6 months

Type of visa: Canadian permanent residency


In May 2005, a Syrian national known as tolani Hussein was granted a Canadian student visa to complete his higher educational program in Canada. After receiving his invitation, he arrived Canada and decided to settle down in Vancouver. He was able to complete his doctorate in 2013 and has been in Canada since then. He has a high hope of becoming a Canadian citizen in future and yeyebrtiy will surely see to his success.

Immigration Situation

Tolani Hussein arrived in Canada in 2005 through a student visa issued to him by the Canadian government. He graduated in 2013 and was expected to return to Syria which he neglected because of his ever ending love for Canada. He reached out to yeyebrity for assistance to secure a permanent resident in Canada. Yeyebrity will be doing everything legally possible to help Hussein secure his permanent residence and citizenship in Canada.


Tolani was able to apply for a Canadian permanent resident while he was in school, through the British Columbia provincial nominee program so that he will be able to work as a doctor In Canada. Yeyebrity was able to help tolani secure permanent residence in 2013 even though the task was a difficult one to achieve because of his low financial support.


 Although yeybrity have assisted Hussein in staying in Canada after his graduation from the university, he is interested in expanding more. Hussein is interested In becoming a permanent Canadian citizen but will be expected to stay a few more years in Canada. With that, we will be able to help him secure a Canadian citizenship.  

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