May 12, 2021

Explanation OF the Healthcare System in Canada for Immigrants

Healthcare System in Canada – It’s no longer a news that Canada has one of the best healthcare system in the world. This is also of the reasons why a lot of people from other countries are interested in moving down to Canada for health checkups and medical treatments. Although much of this healthcare in Canada is free, there are also some restrictions in place for immigrants. This article will guide you on how the healthcare system in Canada works and what you should do as an immigrant living in Canada.

One of the reasons why the Canada healthcare system appears to be free is due to the system/foundation on which is was built. What are we trying to say? The Canadian healthcare system is not funded by the government. This is a public system funded by the public/Canadian citizen’s through income taxes. This is also the major reason why the income taxes in Canada is very high.

Healthcare in Canada for immigrants

When investigating the healthcare system in Canada for immigrants, the first question that should come into your mind is if the healthcare system is free for immigrants. Well! In other to secure a free healthcare in Canada, you need to be a Canada citizen or a permanent resident. For a new comer, you must have stayed for at least 3 months in Canada to be allowed access to Canada universal health care. In summary, we can simply say that new immigrants are expected to pay for health care in Canada.

What you get under the Canada Healthcare?

You will get a regular visit to hospitals, diagnostic services, primary health care doctors etc.


There are some healthcare services not under the Canada healthcare system and they include:

  • Ambulances
  • Dental care
  • Eye care

For such situation which is likely going to pose issues to many citizens, the Canadian government offers a tax credit to assist with this burden.

Can an Immigrant buy a Canadian Healthcare?

As an immigrant, you will be allowed to purchase a healthcare package from private insurance companies.

How immigrants can apply for public health care insurance

Immigrants can apply for public health care as soon as they arrive Canada. You can get most of this application forms in hospitals, doctor offices, pharmacies, immigration law offices.  This application requires some important documents to be eligible for such service. E.g. confirmation of permanent residence and identification card.

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