Grow Your Cryptocurrency Account

How to Grow Your Cryptocurrency Account For Free

Welcome to our detailed article on how to grow your cryptocurrency account for free. In this tutorial, we will be given out different free methods that requires no fee to increase your cryptocurrency balance. We will also be looking at multiple company’s and online jobs that pay users using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Earning Cryptocurrency Online

Earning more crypto online is possible using online company’s that pay users for carrying out simple task. There are some company’s that pay users for carrying out different jobs like designing, article writing, email opening, sending emails etc. Example of such company is fiverr. On fiverr, you can get free jobs to carry out and get paid for doing so. Example of such work you can find on fiverr include graphic design, wordpress installation, brand naming, forex signal services. You can also sell ebooks and other materials on fiverr and get paid. Other service companies related to fiverr include: upwork, seoclerk etc. You get paid in paypal or skrill and get the funds converted to bitcoin.

Another method of earning online in bitcoin or other crypto like Ethereum is the use of forex trading. A lot of forex trading brokers support payment in bitcoin and Ethereum. If you have good knowledge of forex, you can make money using this methods for free.

How to Grow Your Cryptocurrency Account Using free and paid Methods

In this section, we will be explaining how you can earn more crypto using both free and paid methods. Some of this methods include:

  • Using freelancing company’s:
  • Using forex trading:
  • Trading Cryptocurrency:
  • Through Mining:
  • Investing on Mining Company’s:

Using Freelancing Company’s


Like we said earlier, there are some reputable freelancing company’s that pay users for completing different task online. This company’s pay using PayPal, Skrill and bitcoin. You can easily convert any of this payment methods to crypto using digital exchange company’s. Example of such freelancing company include fiverr, seoclerk, upwork, clickbank, jvzoo etc.

Using Forex Trading

forex company

Forex trading is another easy way of making a lot of crypto. Most forex brokers support deposit and withdrawals using cryptos. So if you are good at analyzing and trading forex, you can seize this opportunity to grow your cryptocurrency account.

Trading cryptocurrency

binance trading

Another way of making more crypto is by trading crypto using trading company’s like binance. This company’s allow users to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies/altcoins and profit from it. This is a profitable business for those with the knowledge of cryptocurrency trading.

Through Mining Company’s

bitcoin mining company

Though this mining company’s are not common in most countries. If you are in a country that supports crypto mining, you can ask them of their investment opportunities and how you can earn more crypto by investing with them. Please ensure that such company’s are reputable and reliable before investing your funds with them.

Through Mining

ant miner s9

if you have the funds to get a miner, you can start a small mining farm and earn monthly from it. Example of such miners you can get is a S9 bitcoin miner. This allows you mine bitcoin from your home or office.


All methods listed above are very effective and profitable if you do it the right way. Please ensure that crypto business is a very volatile business with a lot of risk. Please ensure you only risk funds you can afford to lose.

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