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Why You Should Consider Canadian Immigration From Togo


Why You should consider Canadian immigration from Togo – If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning on immigrating to Canada. We know that you’ve thought about it for a while. But there’s a lot of information to process and a lot of options out there. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve put together the top reasons why you should consider Canadian immigration from Togo.

Why You should consider Canadian immigration from Togo

Canadian immigration is a great option for Togolese nationals

Canada is a welcoming nation and has one of the highest immigration rates in the world. More than 20 percent of Canadian residents are foreign-born. In 2019 alone, Canada welcomed over 300,000 newcomers, the highest number in over a decade. Canada’s multicultural society is one of its most treasured achievements.

The melting pot that is in Canada means that people from every corner of the earth discover Canadian culture. Togolese nationals who wish to immigrate to Canada for a better life may consider immigrating to the country instead of to the United States.

I know several Togolese nationals who live north of Toronto who move to Canada with the hope of finding a better life. While Togolese nationals are subject to more strict immigration requirements than citizens of other nations, the interviewing process, waiting period, and applications processes are similar.

Once immigrants are in Canada, the lifestyle and culture can be similar to that of the United States. Inexpensive tickets to Toronto, Hamilton, or any other Canadian city are not out of reach for Togolese citizens who know of opportunities unavailable in other countries. – Why You Should Consider Canadian Immigration From Togo

In Togo, citizens are not permitted to own more than four (and a maximum of two rental properties) units. Two units are the legal minimum for Togolese nationals. The time for apartment investing may be shorter than in a foreign country, but if you step outside of your comfort zone of operations, your opportunity to make a profit could be limited.

In some places like Toronto and Hamilton, Togolese nationals must purchase a three-bedroom/two-bath home and supply a three-bedroom rental unit and a one-bedroom rental unit. I doubt that the rental market is robust for one-bedroom units outside of the downtown core.


Togo understands that ex-pats looking to buy meaningful wealth from other countries have little room for “convenience.” Togo does not allow foreign nationals to own any land. This is contrary to other African and Middle Eastern countries which do allow foreign nationals to own property. Expats moving to Canadian cities for opportunity may want to consider purchasing a farm or two.

Applying for Canadian immigration from Togo is easy

One of the easiest ways to start the Canadian immigration process is by opening a bank account in Canada. Once you have a bank account in Canada, you can start applying for a SIN card and open a Canadian bank account. Most banks will allow you to open up to 2 bank accounts in Canada.

Once again, Canadian immigration is very easy to begin due to the high number of Togolese that live in Canada. If you plan on moving to Canada and need to establish residency there before immigrating, opening a bank account in Canada will help you a lot.

When you go to Canada for the first time, they will ask for a copy of your passport. If you have a valid SIN card, you can simply show it to the immigration officer, and voila! They will accept it.

For Togolese nationals, the time to obtain a Canadian visa is two weeks before your planned departure. That is also the time to start opening banks accounts to begin your process.

Togolese nationals have the highest rate of return tourism One of the best ways to increase the value of your investment property is to increase the rate of return tourism.

Canada has a great economy

Canada has one of the best economies in the world, and it’s growing at a decent rate (3.2% in 2019). The unemployment rate is low, and Toronto is often ranked as one of the best places in the world to live. The economy is generally stable, and there are plenty of jobs for skilled and educated workers.

 Also, the cost of living is quite reasonable. If you’re very well-versed in all aspects of international business relations, Canadian immigration is a great option for you.

High pay for Togolese nationals is a no-brainer. If you’re looking for a career change, moving to Canada will help you reduce your risk of being stuck in a dangerous situation.

Vancouver is a small city where everybody speaks your language  If you go to an international organization and communicate in a language other than your own, Vancouver is an excellent place to communicate with locals and super-charge your marketing efforts. Just be careful about borrowing their lingua franca — English is the least-distracting universal language.

It’s a great option if you need to build a personal brand. Need a fresh start for your career? “Become a founder” and start promoting your next project on social media. As soon as you get all your followers on board, you’re ready to sell your product, solve your next customer’s problem, and get to work.

Vancouver is one of the leading cities and the best choice to attract business investment  It may take 5 years, but once you’ve successfully established your foothold in the city and got enough customers to justify those salaries, you can sell shares to raise money, possibly from private investors.

Diversity is our key strength, and other minority groups can’t be ignored ❤ Vancouver has more Black, Latinx, Asians, and women-owned businesses than any other city (2.4% of all businesses). International markets often prefer businesses with diverse business leaders. Also, it’s a great option if you want to establish a cultural business.

English and French are official languages in Canada

Canada is officially bilingual and uses both English and French as its official languages. About one-third of Canadians speak French as their first language.

The best thing about being Togolese is that you can still obtain a Canadian visa to enter the U.S. as a non-immigrant if your intention is to stay in California for the winter. If you want to make it permanent and move to Canada for the good life, you’ll start out with a Canadian visa, work your way up to a green card, and eventually move to the U.S. permanent resident program.

A small country including water, mountains, and people with strong roots in traditional African and European life, does not seem to have a particularly strong business or investment climate. The Canada market can offer better business opportunities.

Canada’s education system is world-class

Canada’s education system is world-class and you can get a great education no matter where you live. However, if you want to get the most out of your university education, consider moving to a large city with a diverse population. Of course, some countries offer the best education for ex-pats and those who are looking for a change of scenery.

Other reasons why you should immigrate to Canada from Togo include:

  • Canada’s healthcare system is world-class and Lexexis Canada is Canada’s largest provider of telemedicine, allowing you to reach any part of the country thanks to a nationwide telehealth program. It also has excellent palliative care, so you can talk to your loved ones more easily.
  • Living in a big city is cheaper than living in a small town It’s easy to get around and you don’t have to deal with the traffic issues of a small town but living in a big city is not as expensive as you might think. And if you live in a big city, you’re likely to make more money and be considered a “local”.
  • Working on the weekends is a great way to make money While it’s nice to live out production on your own schedule if you’re looking to make more money, working on the weekends gives you the flexibility to work on whatever projects you’re invested in while making a comfortable income.
  • Canada’s currency is worth more than the U.S. dollar Regardless of your financial situation, it’s important to learn how to manage your money when you’re abroad so you don’t run into any unnecessary money problems. You can manage your money both in and out of Canada using Canadian dollars and international money-transfer services.
  • Working out in a foreign country is beneficial not only for overall health and fitness, but it can also boost your creativity and improve your work ethic

If you’re someone who likes to run and exercise without going to the gym, try visiting a foreign country where you exercise regularly.

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