April 20, 2021

Your Canada Tourist Visa Was Rejected ? This is what You Should Do

As a foreigner, getting a Canadian tourist visa can be very difficult and frustrating. This is sometimes due to the strict immigration and visa policies setup by the Canadian government. If you have applied for a Canadian tourist visa and you got rejected, the only solution is for you to reapply again. You can as well seek for an appeal which can produce a positive result in some cases. So deciding which route to take after denial depends on you and your personal needs.

Should you Appeal or Reapply for a Canada tourist visa after denial?

Before applying or appealing a denied Canada tourist visa, the first thing you should consider is understanding the reasons why the visa was denied at first. This is because, if you reapply without understanding the reason for your initial rejection, you might end up making the same mistakes again, which will definitely lead to another visa rejection. So you understand while you were rejected at first which sometimes lie within the below options:

  • The immigration officer wasn’t satisfied with the information you provided
  • The immigration was satisfied that you will be returning back to your home country at the due date
  • You provided wrong information and made errors during your application.  
  • Lastly, there was an error from the immigration office.

In some cases, there might be an error from the immigration officer or officer. So in a case where you think or feel there is an error on the immigration process coming from the immigration office, you can file for an appeal. You will also be needing the help of a lawyer to sort things out on your behalf.

In a situation where you made a mistake during your initial application, you can simply reapply with the right and required information. For example, you might have submitted a document that is wrong or outdated during your first application. Such situation will require you to provide the right information when reapplying. You will also need to explain in your application why you are having a change of personal information which will serve as a plus for easy acceptance.

Can I Reapply Immediately?

Yes! You can reapply immediately even though this process is not advisable. We strongly recommend you seek for a professional immigration officer to help you ascertain your rejection and ensure you make the right decisions in your next application.

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