May 12, 2021

Canada To Ease Restrictions on Family Members Visiting Canada

Canada recently ease the restrictions placed on immigrations, thereby allowing family members visit their loved ones present in Canada. This is because, looking at the Canada immigration policy, you will clearly understand that family reunification holds an important part there. Due to the current pandemic faced by all countries in the world today, different countries came up with restrictions limiting the inflow and outflow of individuals in other to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Canadian government recently announced that they will be easing the policies placed on crossing borders. Thereby allowing families move in to meet with their loved ones. It was clearly announced in October that compassion will be considered with high priority in the light of the spread of this virus in some part of Canada.

List of Individuals allowed to Enter Canada after the Border Shut Down

  • essential workers
  • immediate relatives
  • Canadian citizens
  • International students
  • Individuals with Canadian permanent residents
  • extended relatives
  • close friends
  •  relationship partner

As of 8th of October 2020, the extended families of Canada citizens and other individuals with permanent resident permit are allowed to come in. This also encompass conjugal relationships, adult children, dependent children etc.

In addition to the above situation allowing extended family members, non-relative foreign nationals in certain specific circumstances will also be allowed to enter Canada under compassionate reasons. This situation covers areas where a close friend is experiencing a life threatening situation or critical illness or death. Or you intend been with someone at the end of their life’s on earth or attending a funeral.

From October 20th, international students with active offers from a Canadian university, will be allowed to come in provided their university is full ready and approved by the required health authorities.  

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