April 20, 2021

All You Need To Know About Canada Citizenship Test For 2021

Earlier march 2020, the IRCC was forced to suspend the Canada Citizenship test due to the effect of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The suspension was a measure put in place to ensure that proper covid-19 measures were adhered to. Later on, the IRCC introduced a new option, virtual in nature and designed to help improve the Canada citizenship test while obeying rules set aside to prevent further spread of coronavirus.

Over the next few upcoming months, the IRCC will be testing this new virtual protocol on a small group of people (5000+) to check it first. This test will be available to only those that already have the citizenship test scheduled before the pandemic and they are yet to take it.

Things to Expect During the Canadian Online Citizenship Test

Before taking the online citizenship test, it’s advisable to seek for information regarding the test and some of this information will be given out to you for free below.

Before seating for the test, participants will be expected to confirm their personal information, which will require them to take a clear photo of themselves and their identity document using a standard webcam before commencement of the test. The online platform is designed to continuously take photos of the participants during the test. This is to ensure high integrity of the results sourced from the test.

Those invited to take the online test will be communicated by the IRCC through their email.

Here are some important questions regarding the online test

What if I am not interested in taking the online test?

Taking the online test is not compulsory. You can wait to the take the offline test. But please note that there is not available date yet for the offline test.

Who is allowed to take the citizenship Test?

The Canadian citizenship test is only available to people who meet the below requirements:

  • Must be between the ages of 18 & 54 years.
  • Must meet all the eligibilities required for Canadian citizenship.
  • You must be applying to retain a Canadian citizenship

What you should expect from the test

The test contains 20 questions off which you are expected to finish up in 30 minutes. You will be asked questions related to the rights and responsibility of Canada and Canadians:

  • history
  • geography
  • economy
  • government
  • laws
  • symbols

Will the test be Open Book?

The Canadian citizenship assessment test is not an open book test. You will be expected to study hard before the test. Additionally, the IRCC will help you materials regarding the test before the test date.  

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