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Important Information Regarding Canada Birth Citizenship

The essence of this article is to clear out and also rectify some misconceptions regarding Canada birth citizenship.

According to the Canadian government policies on immigration and citizenship, those that born in Canada are in most cases automatically given Canadian citizenship. When a child is born in Canada, he/she will be eligible for Canada citizenship based on principle of “jus soli” which is a common Latin word for “the right of soil.” This also applies to cases where one or both parents are not Canada citizens.

Are Kids Born in Canada Automatic Citizens?

Well! This is a typical scenario just like what we stated earlier but there are still some exceptions. For example, in a case where your parents are perceived as a treat/danger to Canada and government as a whole, the kids might not be given citizenship. A typical situation occurred with the son of a Russian spy who was born in Toronto. His parent were caught spying on the Canadian government and the kid was denied citizenship despite been born in Canada.

Can pregnant Woman who are foreign nationals give birth in Canada?

Yes! Even though the requirements for immigrating to Canada does not include been pregnant. You are only expected to provide the right documentation and meet up with the eligible requirements. Have it in mind that because a woman is pregnant does not make it or is not considered a decided factor.

Canada Government Has Considered Removing Birthright Citizenship

There was an early formal submission by immigration officials requesting the removal of birthright citizenship. This is due to the increase in the amount of foreign nationals coming into Canada to give birth so that their kids can become Canada citizens.

But this is not the first time there were submissions for scrapping of birthright citizenship. If such submission will be accepted in future, there will be new policies in place to grant citizenship to those born on the Canadian soil.

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