australia significant investor visa

Important Information On Australia Significant Investor Visa

Are you interested in moving to Australia using the Australia significant visa? This is a new visa program introduced in 2013 by the Australian government designed to attract important and rich investors into Australia. This program offers investors a temporary Australia visa provided you are interested in investing and building the Australian environment. Based on your investment and activities in Australia, the temporary visa will later be converted to permanent visa.

Some other benefits associated with the Australia significant investment visa includes:

  • You will be getting the necessary advice and precautions for your money and investment. Additionally, you will be getting returns on your money kept in any Australian bank which can get up to 40% returns.
  • You can apply for this visa provided you are an adult (18years and above)
  • This program doesn’t come with any English requirement. So you don’t have to bother about any language problem.
  • Any investment returns from the ASIC funds will be kept safe
  • As a significant investor, you do not need to meet with the Australian immigration department business skill innovation test.
  • Australian banks are one of the best and safest banks in the world.

In other to successfully process an Australian significant investment visa, interested persons are expected to first decide on the state they intend investing on. The second step is to fill up an online expression of interest form to the chosen Australian state or territory through skillselect which is present on the department of immigration & citizenship website.

The next step is the nomination from the state followed by the submission of the application to the DIAC.  Ones your application gets approved, you will be expected to make an investment of about five million Australian dollars. At this point, a temporary four year visa will be issued to you.  Your investment can be moved from one institution to the other in Australia but its value must remain at five million Australia dollar or above for the four year visa period.  Complying investments include:

  • Australian Agribusiness
  • Funds/bond deposit issued by the an institution in Australia
  • Real estate business or property in Australia
  • Cash held in  an Australian deposit institution
  • Have an infrastructure projects in Australia soil.
  • Bond issued by either the state, common wealth or territory government.

Aside the four year temporary visa which must be active, investor must also spend at least 16o days in Australia before applying for a permanent residence permit.

For more information on the Australian significant visa click on the link


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