May 12, 2021

How To Apply For Work Visa While In Canada For Visitation

Canada For Visitation – Canada is one of the best countries with the highest number of immigrants and visitors. In most cases, most visitors might end up liking the environment and will be interested in living and working in Canada.

One of the common questions that might come into your mind is that will you be allowed to change your visitor visa to work visa just to remain in Canada longer? Well! The answer to this question used to be NO. But for now, there are some rules setup by the Canadian government to enable visitors seek for temporary working visa. This visa will enable you become to temporary worker in Canada. An as the times goes on, you will be able to seek for permanent visa later.

Origination of the new rules that allows temporary visitors seek for temporary working visa while visiting Canada

On the 24th of august 2020, the IRCC gave out a new update on information that was designed to benefit employers seeking for new workers. Canada visitors with valid job offers will be allowed to apply for an employer work permit, and if approved, you will allowed to start working immediately without leaving Canada.

The minister of immigration known as Marco E.L Mendicino, also made an announcement that this is just a temporary policy designed to improve the economy and also to enable employers get more workers. This new policy is expected to take effect immediately and assessment of its impact will be carried out later.

During the heat of the covid-19 pandemic, most temporary residents were encouraged to seek and maintain a legal status. With Canada and other neighboring countries shutting their borders, it is almost impossible to follow the rules guiding the Canadian work permit.

Eligibility for the Temporary Visitor Visa to Work Visa Policy

Applicants are expected to meet with the below requirements to qualify for the temporary visitor visa:

  • Must possess a valid and current visitor status in Canada as at 24th of August 2020 and must be present in Canada.
  • Must have a valid and current job offer from any employer residing in Canada
  • Must apply for employer specific work permit which must be supported by labor Market Impact Assessment or have a labor market impact assessment exempt offer of employment, not more than 31st of march 2021
  • Must meet all other admissibility criteria set aside by the Canadian immigration Service.

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