About Us

Yeyebrity.com is an online immigration and scholarship platform, established with the main purpose of helping foreign and international individuals get migrated into Tier 1 countries like Canada.

All information’s present on our website are for educational purpose only and should be verified from a more reliable source.

Types of information you can find on our website include:

Immigration: This is handled by our expert immigration officer. You will be getting relevant information on how you can immigrate from your home country to a foreign country. You will also be getting information on the types of visa program available and how you can make the right choices.

Scholarships: This is handled by our expert international scholarship adviser and content creator. information on different undergraduate and post graduate scholarships will be present. You will also be given guide on how to apply and get admitted successfully.

Business Ideas: Information on different businesses and how to set them are available on yeyebrity for free. This is organized by our expert business adviser and content creator.

Ones again, please understand that all the information present on our website are for educational purpose and we wont be held responsible for any outcome as a result of using any of the information present on our website.

For advert enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

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