Over 39k signed petition for Myka Stauffer to remove monetized YouTube videos of re-homed son, Huxley




Over 39,000 people have signed a petition calling for youtuber Myka Stauffer and her husband, James to take down monetized videos of their adopted son, Huxley who they revealed has been re-homed.

According to the petition which was started on, titled, “Remove Myka Stauffer’s MONETIZED YouTube videos exploiting a special needs child”, the couple were accused of exploiting Huxley who was adopted from China and the entire process was “monetized” through their YouTube channel.

The petition started by William Smith to Youtube reads;

Myka Stauffer and her husband adopted a boy with special needs named Huxley from China and monetized the entire process through their YouTube channel. They were given funds from their viewers which helped to pay for their trip to China and likely fees associated with the adoption.

Myka and her husband have since “rehomed” the child because it was too much work for them. However, they had THREE children when adopting the boy and insisted on a boy from overseas with special needs. They got in over their heads and pulled an already traumatized boy from another country, made money off of him, and then gave him to someone else.

It is clear that this boy was unfortunately treated like an accessory to their life. The adoption process is very thorough and these adults knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. They even admit they had many medical professionals advising them.

This is unethical and extremely emotionally abusive. We request that her videos featuring Huxley and/or any content concerning Huxley be immediately demonetized and removed from the platform. This boy has suffered enough; it should not be public and should not supplement her income any longer.

This comes after the couple announced on their Youtube channel that Huxley who has been absent in their videos since late 2019 has been re-homed as they had to give up his adoption.